Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Carissa Kennedy 70.3 Champion (to me)

She said she would, so she did.

I just can't say enough about the amazing person who chose to grow old with me.

We went as a family to Palm Springs for her half iron triathlon in December.  I am hoping she will write about it, as I would not be able to do this accomplishment justice.  If she ever does I'll attach a link for you to read.

Here is the Coles notes version for her race, it get's it own page. I might do one for the kids races later. They were great as well, but back to the star :)

Froze her ass off in the water.  It was so cold, unbearably cold.  Did I mention cold? She swam through someone's puke. Ugh... but finished off that swim in spite of everything going against her.


Seemed to be out there just enjoying the day.  She was so pretty out there.  She always has this way of making things look so fun and enjoyable.  She nailed it.


She pole walked this bitch into submission.  I am sure she wanted to quit a million times but she didn't.  Soooo awesome.

Overall, suffered a lot and finished strong with a smile.  Amazing.

Now the real crazy parts:

-She has/had an achilles heal issue that wouldn't let her run, requires surgery to fix and is constant pain.
-Her shoulder was a mess from a bike accident in the summer.  She was unable to practice swimming since July and was swimming in great discomfort. 

So all that pain and suffering and she still did it, despite me asking her not to.  Crazy Baby.  You have done what most can't on a good body with your busted ass one.  Even though you shouldn't have :)

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